With every booking I will provide you with a complimentary comprehensive checklist, to help you get your property ready to be photographed. These helpful tips will help you make the most out of the photo shoot and get the best images possible to advertise your property!

Pricing from $120.

All prices include standard editing services. Please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to email you a price list!

Put your trust in iRoll Media and I will go out of my way to provide you with images that will capture the true essence of your property and make it stand out from the crowd! No property is the same and so my approach to each photo shoot is always individually tailored. You don’t need a lot of photos to achieve this. Just a handful of professional quality photos, is all it takes to entice prospective buyers into your property. Combine this with a Floorplan and you’re well on your way to selling your property!

Drone Photography is a great way to show proximity to schools, shops, parks and waterfronts. It can also be used to capture photos or angles of your property that is unobtainable with a normal camera.

Floor Plans are an essential part of show casing your property! iRoll Media provides marketing floor plans for real estate agents and anyone looking to sell / rent their property.

Using floor plans when advertising a property gives the potential buyers a good understanding of the scale and layout so that when they attend an open home, they are already aware of what they are coming to look at and have decided it is what they are looking for.


Day to Dusk images

A more convenient way to add some dusk images to your property photos. Instead of iRoll Media coming to your home at what can sometimes be an inconvenient time, for a small added fee, any day photo can be turned into a dusk photo with the most amazing sunset skies! This will make those online images pop even more and I guarantee potential buyers will not be able to resist a looking inside your property listing!

Virtual Furniture

A great way to furnish an empty property. When a property is furnished, it creates depth and warmth to the property, which again, all helps to lure those prospective buyers!

Digital Declutter

From a simple declutter (just a couple of objects) to completely emptying a room, you will be amazed at what magic post production editing can achieve!

Wet day to Sunny day

Not to worry if those gloomy clouds roll in on the day of your photo shoot! With post production editing services those grey skies can be turned into blue again!